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About We are God's Children Too


This book has “God” in the title and does discuss religion. It is necessary because I am a rabbi. It is also necessary because this book is in part a response to the critics and attackers of those of us who are transgender, who use religion as a tool to attack us.

In this work, in addition to autobiographical texts, I use my religious scholarship and original works to show that we are simply living as we are created. We are not corrupting creation and we are not doing anything wrong by being who we are.

I want to reassure you that I see you, and I know that many of you have been subject to abuse in your lifetimes at the hands of clergy. This book is not intended to force religion on you. On the contrary, I use religion to show that it can be a force for good.

I have worked with a number of survivors of abuse at the hands of clergy, who have fled organized religions and gone to pagan or Satanist practices. Yet they trust me to provide them with support because they know I do not preach religious doctrine. The same is true here. I do teach religious text where necessary, but it is not compulsory that you believe; it is simply to understand the basis of the attacks we face, and to rebut them.

I hope you will find healing and comfort in these pages.

With blessings of peace and love,


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