On this page I have provided published and unpublished works of scholarship that I have written, pertaining to transgender and other LGBTQ+ issues.  As with any copyrighted works, please use proper credit if you cite my work. 

Content Description: In this paper, I explore the history of five generations in Genesis, from Abraham's father Terah, through Jacob's 13 children. I show how they experienced their own various traumas, as well as trauma transmitted from their parents.

The theory of "Generational Trauma" was developed after the Shoah when children of survivors who had experienced no actual trauma displayed trauma signs.

I then show how these texts and experiences can be used to help understand the experiences of marginalized communities that have experienced their own traumas.

Biblical Interpretation and the Oppression of the Transgender Community

Content Description: In this paper, I explore the history of White Supremacy in the US, how it connects to biblical interpretation, and how that has led to transgender oppression.

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A History of Biblical Interpretation Leading to Oppression

Content Description: In this paper, I explore a brief history of Biblical interpretation, both of Jewish and Christian scripture. I then explore issues of gay and transgender oppression, based on how people have (mis)read Biblical texts since the inception of Bible. This work will eventually be incorporated into my doctoral dissertation.  Please click the icon below to read the paper.

Post-Modern Concepts of Sex, Gender and Sexuality in the Framework of the Jewish Lesbian

Content Description: This paper explores the concept that all people are technically non-binary in sex and gender, starting with science and nature, and exploring sociology and psychology as well. Then the paper explores what Judaism has to say in Bible and rabbinics about identity. After this, I explore the question of what to do about the language of sexuality, when we base gender identity on non-binary status.  Please click the icon below to read the paper.

Traditional Sources Against Prohibiting Trans Jews from Transitioning Gender

Content Description: In this paper, I explore the concept that it is a rabbinically derived Biblical Prohibition to obstruct people from gender transition. This is based on the principle that "Saving lives overrides the Shabbat and all other Biblical Commandments." This is derived from an understanding of Leviticus 18:5. Please click the icon below to read the paper.

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