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Contributor to: "Liberating Gender for Jews and Allies: The Wisdom of Transkeit"  This extraordinary collection of essays by trans Jews and allies explores cutting-edge ideas about gender through the lenses of tradition, art, autobiography, and solidarity. It features an analysis of Biblical and Rabbinic thinking, sample rituals, guidance on Jewish practice, spoken word poetry, music, trans Jewish history, psychology, and personal stories. The contributing voices are richly diverse and include trans pioneer Kate Bornstein, a drag queen rabbi, Jews by Choice, Jews of Color, the Jewish consultant to the show Transparent, Orthodox Jews, a Jewish priestess, and a Metropolitan Community Church minister. Each page reveals startling, fresh insights into the construction and disruption of gender from a Jewish perspective. To access this book, please click here or on the picture.

Contributor to: "TRANScestors: Navigating LGBTQ+ Aging, Illness, and End of Life Decisions

Volume II: Generations of Change" Edited by Jude Patton and Margot Wilson  Generations of Change is the second volume in the TRANScestors series. These stories are, by turn, heartfelt, revealing, inspiring, sad, joyful, humorous, irreverent, and incredibly varied. And yet, strong, common themes of courage, persistence, honesty, resilience, and authenticity emerge clearly through the detailed recounting of the individual lives lived. Each author details those specific circumstances that have led them to the places and situations in which they find themselves today. On the whole, these are places of comfort, confidence, revelation, and affirmation. The wide range of attitudes, expressions, and worldviews held by the LGBTQ+ elders presented here challenge us all to carefully consider and adjust our perspectives on our own aging processes and, ultimately, on finding our own places in the world. To access this book, please click here or on the picture.

The Queer Liberation Haggadah - A reimagining of the Passover Haggadah with modern queer issues instead of the Exodus from Egypt as the focus.

Traditional Sources Against Prohibiting Trans Jews from Transitioning Gender - a scholarly peer reviewed article using Biblical, Rabbinic and modern psycho-social sources that establishes that Jewish Law prohibits obstructing gender transition for transgender Jews.

For my new series on Transgender needs in Jewish Sacred Aging please click here.

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