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Click here for more information about my first book, We are God's Children Too.

This book is part autobiography and part how-to manual to navigate the oppression from orthodoxy against trans identity.

This book is also an imprint of TransGender Publishing.


  1. this is not your book, but in regards to your fascinating talks at Limmud Seattle this past weekend. I especially enjoyed the talk on mistranslations. At the end I thanked you for your service and mentioned I had a career in the Coast Guard retiring as senior chief. I hope hear some of your future lessons and talks on Judaism.

    L. Carl Grossman
    Lynnwood, WA

    1. Hi Carl (Senior Chief) lovely to hear from you. I hope to see you again as well. I'm not sure what I'll be broadcasting, but please watch my social media @RabbahRona for announcements...

  2. I just (sort of) attended your lecture at CNT tonight (I had trouble signing in, ... and then was busy through much of the last half of the lecture with... other things).

    Anyway - translation of Torah has been one of my pet peeves for decades now -- so I'm particularly disappointed that I couldn't fully participate. I know the lecture was taped, and am hoping I can obtain a copy (do I go through you, or CNT?).

    I also have a hand-out that I usually give during our (CNT's) Torah Study class, whenever I lead the first one or two parshiyot of the year,... a handout talking about the importance of "Commentary is Interpretation,... and Translation is Interpretation, Too" -- it's turned in to 6 pages so far (just summaries of various Commentaries and their timelines, and several Interpretations and their biases, and an example of why it matters). I'd love to share it with you, and then get your thoughts. (this "translation" issue is one of my addictions ... I have a BDB, a Strong's Concordance, several dozen English translations of the Bible ... I go down days-long rabbit holes, chasing "what is the best translation..." theories....). [Okay, so, now I'm sounding like a nut-case;... ask Rabbi Akselrad, I'm an "okay" person to talk to... LOL]

    Looking forward to February's lecture! And future other classes you can offer us through CNT!

    1. please go to www.ws.rabbahrona.us and you will find my slides and a recording of the workshop to watch. If you have any questions afterwards, please do reach out. Thank you for inquiring. Shabbat Shalom...

  3. Oh, sorry - the above was written by Shawna Parker Brody. The website looks like it would have shown that when I was typing,... but it doesn't seem to display it now (it shows me as "Unknown")